2006-07-11 :: Alligator 0.5.0 released!
After a long delay I'm coming with new release of Alligator, which brings:
  • organizing feeds in a tree of folders, with drag and drop support
  • brand new toolbar
  • keeping selection of feeds/items on right mouse click
  • error dialogs after unsuccessful feed load are now hidden to statusbar
  • a lot of little fixes
Go and download it - have fun!
2006-01-18 :: Alligator 0.4.0 released!
Finally I've managed to release a new Alligator version and it's ready for your download now. Fresh things inside include:
  • showing feed's icon next to name
  • reloading all feeds at given time interval
  • a little bit prettier dialogs
  • bookmarking actual browser address as new feed
2005-11-29 :: Alligator 0.3.0 released!
Next version of Alligator comes today with a new nice features. Download it now or read first what news you could expect:
  • reloading all feeds (on user request and optionally on startup)
  • marking entire feed as read/unread
  • jumping to next unread item
  • properties of feeds and items
  • changing feed name
2005-10-03 :: Alligator 0.2.0 released!
Fresh, new release of Alligator is available for download! It is really worth trying because of several new nice features, including:
  • Atom 1.0 support
  • displaying unreaded items with bold font
  • proxy settings
  • browser menu
  • shadowing actually unusable menu and toolbar items
  • displaying mouser-over links in statusbar
2005-07-24 :: Alligator 0.1.0 released!
Second relase of Alligator with several new features! Among others:
  • browser toolbar (back, forward, reload, location)
  • sorting feeds and items by column (title, date, ...)
  • feed popup menu
  • window title changing with feed change
  • wait cursor
Go and download it - have fun!
2005-06-29 :: Alligator 0.0.0 released!
I've just released initial, preview version of Alligator. Go and download it - have fun!